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Useful Resources For You

If I think an online resource will be useful for my clients, I will list it here.

The Internet is full of information, not all of it is correct or useful.

But some of it has incredibly useful gadgets and info, and for those items, I’ve listed them here.

Model my Diet Simulator

See how you would look at different body weights.  I love this feature as it has all the motivation you need via a visual reference to how things will look as you move towards your goals. 

Male and Female model available.

Visit Model My Diet


There are loads of calorie tracking Apps on the market, but the most popular is My Fitness Pal.  I would never recommend you use their own Macro calculator, it will give you calories that are far too low, then expect you to calculate every bit of exercise you do. Not only will that be impossible to do, inaccurate – it will be bad for your mental health!  However when we do some diet coaching together, I can show you how to use it in the most useful way and how it will help you easily meet your goals.

Visit My Fitness Pal