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We’re about to embark on a culinary journey that brings together the comfort of fish cakes with the bold flavours of chorizo and sundried tomatoes. Through this simple recipe, we’ll transform basic ingredients into a dish with a crispy exterior and a cheesy, flavourful interior that’s sure to impress. We start by boiling potatoes before adding fish fillets to gently poach, ensuring every element is perfectly cooked. By mixing these with a blend of herbs, two types of cheese, and tasty sundried tomatoes, we create the foundation for our fish cakes. Then, by sautéing chorizo with onions, we infuse our mixture with rich flavours that enrich the overall taste. Next, we’ll guide you through coating the fish cakes in a breadcrumb mixture that promises a satisfying crunch, especially when cooked in an air fryer. The air fryer not only cooks the fish cakes evenly but also gives them a golden-brown finish. If you don’t have an air fryer, no worries, we have oven instructions ready for you, ensuring crispy results every time. Finish the dish with a garnish, and get ready to dive into what could become your new favourite recipe.

What are we cooking?

  • Fish cakes combine cheesy inside with crispy breadcrumb outside for a flavour-packed dish.
  • A mix of cooking techniques is used: boiling, poaching, sautéing, and air frying or oven baking.
  • The recipe is versatile and can be adapted for different cooking appliances.

Getting Ready with the Components

Cooking Potatoes and Gently Heating the Fish

We begin by boiling our potatoes until they’re nearly done, which takes about 10-15 minutes. With about 5 minutes of boiling time left, we introduce the fish to the pot to let it poach gently. After this stage, remove them from the pot. The fish should be flaked, potatoes mashed, and both should be stirred together in a bowl.

Organising Herbs and Cheeses

To the bowl with our potatoes and fish, we’ll add finely sliced chives and freshly picked parsley—dried parsley can be substituted if fresh isn’t available. We then mix in a delightful combination of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses for that perfect melt and richness. Ingredients:
  • Chives: Finely chopped
  • Parsley: Freshly picked or dried
  • Cheeses: Equal parts of mozzarella and cheddar, shredded

Slicing Sun-Dried Tomatoes

We’ll need sun-dried tomatoes cut into small pieces to mix into our fish cake blend. These tomatoes not only add a robust flavour but also create a colourful contrast in the cakes. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Instructions:
  1. Take sun-dried tomatoes.
  2. Chop them into small, even pieces.
  3. Stir into the mixture for a burst of flavour and colour.

Preparing the Fish Cake Blend

Merging Potatoes, Fish, Flavours, and Cheeses

Firstly, we cook our potatoes until they’re tender. Near the end, we add our fish fillets to poach for around five minutes, ensuring they’re just right. After taking them off the heat, we flake the fish gently and mash our potatoes. Now, we mix these in a large bowl. Next, to our base, we incorporate a variety of ingredients:
  • Chopped chives – for a subtle bite
  • Fresh parsley or dried if fresh isn’t available – for an herbal touch
  • A blend of melted mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese – for creaminess and tang
  • Diced sundried tomatoes – for a sweet, concentrated flavour

Adding Seasoning

After incorporating the main ingredients, we season the mixture to perfection. Here’s how:
  1. Sprinkle ground black pepper for a warm spice.
  2. Add a pinch of salt to enhance all the flavours.
We give the entire mixture a thorough blend to ensure the seasoning is evenly distributed. This process brings out the depths of flavour for our fish cakes, creating a perfectly balanced mix ready to be shaped and cooked to that enticing golden crisp.

Preparing Chorizo and Onion

Before you begin crafting our fish cakes, we need to prepare the key ingredients. Start by gently frying the chorizo and onion. This step is crucial to release the rich oils from the chorizo, which will add an incredible depth of flavour to our fish cakes. We cook them for approximately five minutes, or until the onions soften and the chorizo becomes tantalisingly crisp. During this process, it’s necessary to forgo any additional oil; the chorizo’s own will suffice and contribute wonderfully to the overall taste. Once cooked, combine the chorizo and onion with the oils released during cooking into the fish cake blend, ensuring a thorough mix. The chorizo’s smoky savouriness will permeate every bite, enhancing the ensemble of tastes we’ve built. Here’s a simple breakdown of the chorizo cooking process:
  • Heat pan: Place the pan over medium heat.
  • Cook chorizo and onion: No oil needed; cook until onions are soft and the chorizo is crisp.
  • Combine: Mix with other ingredients prepared for the fish cakes.
The moment we incorporate this mixture into our fish cake base, we’re infusing it with flavours that promise to elevate the final product to new heights.  

Crumb Coating

Selecting Crumbs

When preparing our fish cakes, picking the right type of breadcrumbs is crucial for achieving that satisfying crunch. For the crispiest exterior that thrives in the air fryer, we opt for panko breadcrumbs. These Japanese-style flakes are larger and drier, which results in a crunchier bite. Golden breadcrumbs or even homemade breadcrumbs might work, but it’s the panko that offers that superior texture which pairs beautifully with the air fryer’s capabilities.

Applying the Crumb Layer to our Fish Cakes

Once our mixture is ready, it’s crucial to coat each fish cake properly to ensure an even crunch. We’ll first shape the mixture into four large patties. After this, each patty takes a dip in beaten egg, which acts as a glue for the breadcrumbs. It’s essential to cover all sides thoroughly to seal in the flavours and moisture. We then proceed to cloak each patty with our chosen panko breadcrumbs. Ensure every inch is coated well to maximise the crunch factor once air-fried. We’re not just talking about air-frying though — this method is just as effective if you’re opting to bake them in the oven.

Air Frying Instructions

Let’s get started on crafting these fantastic air-fried fish cakes with the irresistible mix of mozzarella and cheddar cheese. First, get the potatoes on to boil, and toss in the fish fillets close to the boil’s conclusion, letting them poach for roughly 5 minutes to obtain that perfect flakiness. Once the potatoes have had a good 10-15 minutes to cook, and the fish another 5, take them off the heat. It’s then time to flake the fish apart, give those potatoes a proper mashing, and blend them all in a mixing bowl. We’ll enhance our mixture by stirring in hand-chopped chives and parsley—don’t fret if you’re out of fresh, dried will do as well. Now, for the sundried tomatoes, make sure they’re finely chopped to disperse that intense flavour throughout. Season the mix with a pinch of salt and a dash of black pepper to taste. Next, we move on to cooking the chorizo and onion. Get that pan nice and warm and watch as the chorizo releases its oils, meaning there’s no need for extra oil. Once the onions have softened and the chorizo is sizzling with flavour—about 5 minutes—mix them straight into the fish cake mixture. For that golden, crunchy exterior, we’re opting for panko breadcrumbs for their superior crispness, especially in the air fryer. If you don’t have them at hand, golden or fresh breadcrumbs can be your go-to. Coat four large patties by first dipping them into beaten egg, then dredging through the breadcrumbs ensuring a thorough coating. When we talk air frying, we’re discussing a method that’s just brilliant for crispy recipes. Set the air fryer to 200°C for roughly 15 to 20 minutes until golden brown and cooked through. In case you don’t have an air fryer, an oven will serve; just give it about 20 to 25 minutes instead. To finish, just a touch of garnish with parsley and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice is enough to elevate the flavours. And there you have it—dive right in and savour every bite. If this doesn’t become your new favourite air-fryer delight, do tell us which one does.

Oven Cooking Method

When making these delightful fish cakes, you have the option to use an oven if an air fryer isn’t at hand. It’s a straightforward process. To begin, preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Just like the air fryer method, you want to ensure your fish cakes are well-coated in breadcrumb mix for that ideal crispy finish. In the oven, you’ll let them bake for around 20 to 25 minutes until they reach a golden brown hue and are piping hot throughout. Once they’re done, serve them attractively with a sprinkle of parsley and a zest of lemon for that extra zing. The taste is magnificent, and they should become a beloved meal. If you’ve got a variation that you adore, we’re eager to hear about it, so please share your thoughts with us.

Presenting the Fish Patties

Decorating with Fresh Herbs

Before we present our fish patties, let’s enhance their appearance with some herbs. We’ll take a handful of finely chopped chives and a generous amount of fresh parsley—though dried can work if that’s all we have. These greens not only add a splash of colour but also incorporate a subtle, fresh flavour.

Squeezing Over Citrus

Adding citrus to the fish patties is simple but transformative. Cut a lemon into wedges and give each a gentle squeeze over the patties just before serving. The zesty lemon juice will cut through the richness and add a delightful tang, enhancing the overall taste of the dish.

Final Thoughts on Our Culinary Creation

We’ve crafted an exceptional air-fryer dish that is sure to be a favourite: fish cakes with a blend of cheddar, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, and aromatic herbs. These aren’t just any fish cakes—they’re a culinary revolution with their cheesy, flavourful interior and crisp exterior. Prepare by cooking potatoes until tender. Shortly before they’re done, add the fish fillets for a quick poach, ensuring they remain succulent and flavourful. Once cooked, flake the fish and mash the potatoes, then merge them in a bowl. We introduce a hearty mix of cheeses, sundried tomatoes, and a sprinkling of salt and pepper for that perfect seasoning. Chopped chives and parsley go in next—if fresh isn’t an option, dried will do. We then sauté chorizo and onion, which not only generously infuses the mix with robust flavours but also provides the necessary oil for cooking without extra fats. The secret to the crunch? Our choice of panko breadcrumbs, though golden or fresh breadcrumbs could suffice. We coat our formed patties in egg wash and panko for that ultimate crispness, ideal for air-frying but equally suited for oven-baking. In the air-fryer, we cook them at 200°C for 15-20 minutes, while oven baking requires slightly longer. Final touches include a garnish of parsley and a spritz of lemon for that zesty kick. We invite you to try this standout recipe and share with us your thoughts. If it’s not the pinnacle of air-fried dishes for you, let us know your top pick. We’re always eager to refine our techniques and hope to join you again for more gastronomic adventures.

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