Faith Attwell Personal Training Strong & Fit


  • I will issue you with a login where you can find your training plan, nutrition and other services as agreed.  This is covered by your monthly payment.  It also acts as a training-log so we can monitor your progress and store your plans.
  • I operate on a pay-monthly basis only.  I do not do Pay Per Session.
  • I do not issue refunds. If you wish to cancel please ensure you cancel your Direct Debit with GoCardless, and notify me about it.
  • I don’t issue partial refunds for the month.  The reason is that you are taking up a diary space that I can’t otherwise book, session plans/tracking, and keeping you on my digital services.
  • You can of course, pause monthly payments if you have an illness or holiday for example, please notify me of this in advance wherever possible, or as soon as possible after that.
  • If during the active month, you need to postpone or cancel a session we can usually find space somewhere else in the diary to ensure you training stays consistent and fluid. I don’t normally carry forward sessions to the following month.  If you had a two week holiday for example, we can schedule some extra sessions into the other weeks of that month should you wish to continue training.
  • If you take-heed of my advice, nutrition and lifestyle, you will get great results.  Remember, you are paying for a service, make the most of it and achieve your goals.  Also remember that training is a lifestyle, not an end-result.  To remain strong, fit and healthy you need consistency above all else.
  • Finally, I really appreciate your custom, and Google reviews.  I encourage you to make training a part of your life to help you live your best one!